Volumetric has had many articles written about us over the years. Please see some of our past articles and press releases:


Press Releases Release Date

"2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting Held"

June 8, 2017

"2016 Annual Shareholder Meeting Held"

June 2, 2016

"Appointment of Management"

April 11, 2016

"2015 Annual Shareholder Meeting Held"

June 24, 2015

"Volumetric Fund Grows - The Next Generation"

June 23, 2015












Newspaper Articles Publication Publication Date
"Investing in Rockland Meet Volumetric Fund" Rockland County Times September 21, 2017
"Executive VP of Volumetric Fund" The Journal News July 9, 2015
"Daily Mutual Fund Listing" The Journal News Daily
"Market Experts Look for Economic Stability" The Journal News August 17, 2007
"Volumetric Comes Up Big" The Journal News July 10, 2005
"Year End Distribution" The Journal News January 3, 1998
"Fund Index Veers Toward 50-Day Average" Investor's Business Daily August 15, 1997
"How to Save and Invest for Child's Education" Staten Island Parent June 1997
"Management Promotions" The Journal News March 21, 1997
"Taking Bite Out of Bear Market" The Journal News March 4, 1997
"Double Digit Gains" The Journal News January 4, 1997
"Kiplinger's Mutual Fund 1997" Kiplinger's Annual 1997 Issue
"Pedal To the Mettle" The Record July 25, 1996
"Proprietary System" Stocks & Commodities November 1996
"Mutual Funds A Long-Term Strategy" The Journal News October 21, 1996
"Annual Distribution Declared" The Journal News January 3, 1996
"Local Mutual Survives Tough Year" The Journal News December 26, 1994
"Volumetric Beats Stock Index, Customers In The Black" The Journal News September 26, 1993
"Up/Down Volume In Picks" Investor's Business Daily March 15, 1993
 "Strong Quarter for Volumetric" The Journal News April 21, 1992
 "Appointment of Jean Mian" The Journal News June 12, 1991
"Volumetric Sees Good Summer" The Journal News May 17, 1991
"How to Jump into Mutual Funds" The Journal News February 18, 1991
"Stocks are Looking Up" The Journal News February 1, 1991
"Volumetric Fund Hits The Big Time" The Journal News September 14, 1990
"Volumetric Tracks Down the Bulls" Rockland Business Journal August 14, 1989
"Rockland Mutual Fund At Age 10" The Journal News October 29, 1988
"Mutual Respect" The Journal News October 12, 1986